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The Whirline Rotary Clothes Line

I guess we are all well aware what a rotary clothes line is. I don’t know when they first were invented, but this brand claims it was the original.

This is a July 1967 advert from Essex Countryside, and as with a lot of these old adverts, I find it fun to use an online inflation calculator to work out what such things would have cost back in those days. It helps to counter those comments about how cheap everything apparently was back then.

Using that calculator, the prices now equate to:

  • Standard model – £82.15
  • Supa Standard – £91.00
  • De Luxe – £121.21
  • Major – £137.56
  • Sun Canopy for Major – £137.37

Clearly rotary dryers haven’t held their value in line with inflation.

What’s particularly nice about this advert is that unlike a lot of them, it seems that the advertiser, F.W. Hipkin, is still in business, as a wholesale distribution company supplying plumber’s merchants. I don’t know if F.W. Hipkin actually manufactured these back then, or just supplied them as made by someone else.

Whirline Rotary Clothes Line
Whirline Rotary Clothes Line
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