Blankfield Furs (incl Klous) Master Furriers

I daresay this is a trade that many would nowadays like forgotten – but this is an advert from 1967, showing that the practise was still alive and well back then (unlike the fur donors).

Blankfield Furs, Westcliff-on-Sea
Blankfield Furs, Westcliff-on-Sea

I’d not heard of musquash, though it seems it is another name for the muskrat. Disgusting to think that so many animals had to die for just one coat of vanity. The summer storage aspect is intriguing nonetheless. Was this to save storage space at home, or to prevent insect infestations during the warmer weather?

Nowadays, the property is home to an accountancy firm. Judging by the 0702 phone number in the window, they have been there for some time.

276 London Road, Westcliff : Lee & Co Accounting
276 London Road, Westcliff : Lee & Co Accounting

What I also found interesting though, was mention of this being opposite Howards Dairies. My mother used to work for Howards Dairies, and her father for Unigate (and maybe Howards before that). But in all the time I’d been up in that part of the London Road, I never made the connection that Howards was there. Delving deep into the depths of memory, on my trips to the old double width Maplin Electronics store that was across the road (and the single one before that), all I can muster is advertising billboards where Howards Court stands today. If you have any memories of when the dairy itself was demolished, please leave a comment.

Howards Court - on the site of the old Howards Dairies, Westcliff-on-Sea
Howards Court – on the site of the old Howards Dairies, Westcliff-on-Sea


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One thought on “Blankfield Furs (incl Klous) Master Furriers”

  1. I distinctly remember the old vending machine outside Howards Dairies where you could buy a small bottle of ice cold milk for about” thruppence”. I don’t remember Blankfield furs but do recall Baums which was further along London Rd diagonally opposite The Cricketers. I can also confirm that Robsons were selling corsets in the early seventies because i went to school with the owners son and he had a 10th or 11th birthday party in the shop after closing!! On another matter does anybody remember Bell & Edmonds dept dtore down Hamlet Ct rd which later became a lighting shop.

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