Robsons – The Corset Shop, 279 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea

Corsets? In 1967? Really??

I suppose in all honesty, you can still buy corsets today – its just that I didn’t really imagine corsets to be such a commonplace garment by 1967. For me, the word ‘corset’ mainly conjures up images of 19th century women being laced up into corsets that they could hardly breathe in. Interestingly, unlike a lot of these old adverts/stores, I have found a request online from someone wanting memories and recollections of the place.

As readers of previous posts will know, I like to convert prices where shown into their equivalent prices today. Read on…

Robsons Corset Shop, Westcliff-on-Sea
Robsons Corset Shop, Westcliff-on-Sea
  • 5004: £13.79
  • 5004/4:  £17.32
  • 5073: £19.94
  • 5123: £37.32
  • 5192 (full cup): £44.57
  • 5192 (extra full cup): £53.81
  • Postage & Packing: £1.15

I imagine that in their day, Robsons were selling garments that would cause courting gents to get hot under the collar. Funnily enough, the location now hosts another type of business that can cause raising of temperatures – The Fireplace Trade Centre! The current colour scheme of the outside would, I am sure, suit many of today’s lingerie outlets!

Robsons - The Corset Shop, 279 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea
Robsons – The Corset Shop, 279 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea


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One thought on “Robsons – The Corset Shop, 279 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea”

  1. Great about Robsons anyone out there worked in the shop ior a customer of the shop
    NEED info as this social history is on the point of being lost for ever

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