Midas Foam Bath

Midas Foam Bath advert
Midas Foam Bath advert

There are always some things in life that you remember so vividly – yet a search on all-knowing Google almost proves that you were wrong, when things seem to have disappeared without trace. One such item for me was Midas Foam Bath.

I remember it being the favoured bath additive in my house in the late 1970s, early 1980s. Though apart from within my family, no-one I asked seemed to remember it. The nearest I got to an affirmative online was about 8 years ago, someone saying that they thought they remembered it.

We all liked Midas Foam Bath for two reasons. It smelled great – and due to a now mysterious additive, it turned the water yellow – hence the name, I guess?

By chance, I recently discovered this paper advert up for sale on eBay – and one quick purchase later, and a little more digging online, it transpired that Midas was actually manufactured in Waterford, Republic of Ireland, and the product was discontinued in 1982, when the parent company to Fismar (the manufacturer) decided to pull out of that particular site. It even received attention in the Irish parliament. http://oireachtasdebates.oireachtas.ie/Debates%20Authoring/DebatesWebPack.nsf/takes/dail1982052000011

I wonder if I shall ever discover what the powerful colouring agent in the foam bath was? Maybe it will have been banned by the European Union in the interim?

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